GlueGlider PRO+™ ValueTac Refill Cartridge 6pk

$53.95 $38.95

Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Refills 6 Pack, Save Money with our multi-packs. This is the Greatest Glue Adhesive Tape Around. The 1/4" Value Tac Permanant (Formerly High Tac) Refill Cartridges are now Multidirectional. Now the new GlueGlider PRO+ multi-directional cartridges offers the ability to push or pull to apply the adhesive. Same amazing adhesive formula, now with enhanced glideability. Uses the original GlueGlider PRO handle. These cartridges have 58 ft of Glue Arts Ultimate Stick Permanent Adhesive, that's alot more adhesive than most other Adhesive tape Runners. These Cartridges Are So Easy To Use Just Remove The Old Cartridge and Pop in the New One. No winding or getting your Glider or Fingers Full of Sticky Mess.
Value Tac is a pressure sensitive, permanent adhesive, die cut in a diamond pattern to allow you to apply either a small amount of adhesive or a continuous line.  Just snap in the cartridge and glide!

This Product is Recyclable!

All GlueArts® Adhesives are Acid Free and photo safe.